“Being able to communicate with and work alongside so many dedicated, true believers inspired me to continue this work as soon as I got home.”

Tentative 2019 Agenda

Creating a Strategic Plan

Wednesday, February 6
9:00 am Registration & Welcome
9:15 am Introduction
Review the reality of residential independent school recent history and trends. Consider key components of a successful residential life curriculum and healthy school culture. Group work with faculty facilitation will follow many of the sessions over the next 3 days, providing ample time for networking and opportunities to glean expertise and best practices.
Cowboys and Pit Crews–Building your Residential Life Team 
Appraising Your Residential Life/Student Life Program
Noon Lunch

Creating a Strategic Plan

Our Students – From Tolerance to Respect to Appreciation

5:00 pm
Reception at Saint Andrew’s School
Thursday, February 7
9:00 am

Safety, Legal and Emergency Considerations & Preparation

Counseling on the Run
Deep ListeningExercises and resources

Unconference 1
Networking and conversation addressing topics determined by attendees



Managing a Crisis on Campus

Group work and Faculty Scheduled Meetings for each school team

Unconference 2
Sharing Best Student Activities

5:00 pm Free evening
Friday, February 8
9:00 am

Appraising Faculty

Group Work and Faculty Scheduled Meetings for each school team

Residential Life Mission and Objectives

Developing Your Strategic Plan



Strategic Plan Group Work
  How to Implement Your Strategic Plan When You Return to Your School
3:00 pm End of Workshop

*Each year we hear attendees lament they cut short attending to the conclusion of this workshop in order to rush back to school responsibilities. To ensure you maximize the value of and investment in this workshop for yourself, your school and your students, we urge you to take this into account and plan your travel accordingly.

*Schedule is subject to change and all information provided during this workshop is for general information purposes only and should not be used as, or relied upon in place of legal advice. Schools should work with their own attorneys for specific legal counsel regarding their circumstances and issues.